Set UNRELEASE in debian/changelog
[debian/lxappearance.git] / debian / changelog
2011-07-13  Andrew Lee (李健秋)Set UNRELEASE in debian/changelog
2010-10-26  Julien LavergneCloses bug in debian changelog
2010-10-26  Julien Lavergne* debian/copyright: Update copyright year.
2010-10-26  Julien LavergneDisable autoreconf call for this stable release.
2010-10-26  Julien LavergneBuild-depends also on libmenu-cache1-dev (>= 0.3.2)
2010-10-26  Julien LavergneBump build-depends on libgtk2.0-dev (>= 2.12) and libgl...
2010-10-26  Julien LavergneBuild-depends also on libx11-dev
2010-10-26  Julien LavergneBuuild-depends on intltool (>= 0.40.0)
2010-10-26  Julien Lavergne* debian/patches/lxappearance-0.4.0+git20100807.patch...
2010-10-26  Julien LavergneWrap depends and build-depends.
2010-10-26  Julien LavergneUse --fail-missing for dh_install.
2010-10-26  Julien LavergneAdd dh_strip call for the debug package.
2010-10-26  Julien LavergneBuild-depends on lsb-release, needed to detect the...
2010-10-26  Julien Lavergne* debian/rules: Install apport hook only on Ubuntu.
2010-10-26  Julien Lavergne* debian/apport/ Add apport...
2010-10-26  Julien Lavergne* debian/*.install: Split installed files.
2010-10-26  Julien LavergneAdd a debug package.
2010-10-26  Julien Lavergne* debian/control: Add a new binary for files needed...
2010-10-26  Julien LavergneNew upstream release.
2010-10-26  Julien LavergneMerge commit 'upstream/0.5.0'
2010-08-07  Andrew Lee (李健秋)Refine debian/rules
2010-08-07  Andrew Lee (李健秋)Commit changelog
2010-08-06  Andrew Lee (李健秋)Imported Debian patch 0.4.0-1
2010-08-06  Andrew Lee (李健秋)Imported Debian patch 0.4.0-1~bpo50+1
2010-08-06  Andrew Lee (李健秋)Imported Debian patch 0.3.0+svn20091220-1
2010-08-06  Andrew Lee (李健秋)Imported Debian patch 0.3.0+svn20091218-1
2010-08-06  Andrew Lee (李健秋)Imported Debian patch 0.3+svn20091101-1
2010-08-06  Andrew Lee (李健秋)Imported Debian patch 0.3+svn20091101-1~bpo50+1
2010-08-06  Andrew Lee (李健秋)Imported Debian patch 0.2.1-2
2010-08-06  Andrew Lee (李健秋)Imported Debian patch 0.2.1-2~bpo50+1
2010-08-06  Andrew Lee (李健秋)Imported Debian patch 0.2.1-1