descriptionCore library of PCManFM file manager
ownerLXDE Developers
last changeThu, 28 Aug 2014 12:28:29 +0000 (15:28 +0300)
2 days ago Andriy GrytsenkoCorrect invalid e-mail pcman@debian in Copyright lines. master
2 days ago Andriy GrytsenkoFix filename on dropping URI queries into folder.
2 days ago Andriy GrytsenkoFix crash on dropping URL queries into some folder.
3 days ago Andriy GrytsenkoChange licence for libfm-extra components from GPL...
6 days ago Andriy GrytsenkoRelease
6 days ago Andriy GrytsenkoFix installation of libfm-extra.pc file for development...
6 days ago Andriy GrytsenkoRelease 1.2.2. 1.2.2
6 days ago Andriy GrytsenkoNEWS file update.
6 days ago Andriy GrytsenkoABI bump in preparation for release 1.2.2 (soname 4...
7 days ago Andriy Grytsenko[SF#871]Use g_desktop_app_info_new_from_filename()...
7 days ago Andriy Grytsenko[SF#895]Check image sizes and abort loading image if...
7 days ago Andriy GrytsenkoUpdate indentation in src/base/fm-thumbnail-loader.c.
7 days ago Andriy Grytsenko[SF#895]Use callback read_image_from_file instead of...
7 days ago Andriy Grytsenko[SF#892]When calculate total file sizes in directory...
7 days ago Andriy GrytsenkoUse g_content_type_guess() always with file name, not...
8 days ago Andriy GrytsenkoFix possible memory leak in fm_config_load_from_file().
6 days ago Release v1.2.2.1.
6 days ago 1.2.2 Release v1.2.2.
8 weeks ago 1.2.1 Release v1.2.1.
6 months ago 1.2.0 Release v1.2.0.
6 months ago 1.2.0-rc1
7 months ago 1.2.0-beta5
7 months ago 1.2.0-beta4
8 months ago 1.2.0-beta3
8 months ago 1.1.4 Release v1.1.4.
8 months ago 1.1.3 Release v1.1.3.
9 months ago 1.2.0-beta2
9 months ago 1.2.0-beta1
11 months ago 1.2.0-beta0
12 months ago Release v1.1.2.2.
12 months ago Release v1.1.2.1.
12 months ago 1.2.0-alpha5
2 days ago master
8 months ago 1.1